heartbreak. love. lust. art. feelings & emotions other people explain better than i can myself. funny shit. cute shit. things i wish i could buy/attain. fashion/style likes & LOVES. elegance. grace. beauty in all things that produce feeling.

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i want to kiss you and take pictures with you and watch stupid movied with u but I also want kill you for making me feel this stuff

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that’s the least you could’ve done.
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make me an angel

I think I’m sprouting my wings..

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actions mean more, but words still account for something.what you say is still felt by those listening
this is the last thing i’ll say or think to defend you because frankly a memory or an illusion isn’t worthy of much defense, since it is not able to be replayed or rewritten.  all there is left are reflections we see in the playback.  
explains a lot 
pretty much just another card in a deck i didn’t belong in. 
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how i hope the ending could be.
but in order for that to happen, we’d have to change the beginning too.
it’s whatever.
so stop auditioning to be the good guy
you are the startrying to shine brightly though no longer truly there;i imagined the explosion a million times.the colors never came close to these now.
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